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All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results,experimental or theoretical. The discussion topics and submission topics of 2025 11th International Conference of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering(ICCSIE2025) are as follows. 

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

Topic 1-Computer Science;
Topic 2-Software Engineering;
Topic 3-Information Technology;
Topic 4-Electrical and Electronic Technology;
Topic 6-Testing Technology;
Topic 7-Image Processing;

Topic 8-System Simulation;

Topic 9-Intelligent Automation;

Topic 10-Mechanical Engineering;

Topic 11-Control Engineering;

Topic 12-Industrial Engineering;

Topic 13-Testing Technology;

Topic 14-Electronic Engineering;

Topic 15-Communication

Topic 16-Computer Technology;

Topic 17-Software Engineering;

Topic 18-Innovative Engineering;

Topic 19-Pattern Recognition ;

Topic 20-Machine Learning ;

Topic 21-Retrieval;

Topic 22-Document Analysis; 

Topic 23-Image Processing;

Topic 24-Signal Processing;

Topic 25-Computer Vision ;

Topic 26-Biometrics ;

Topic 27-Biomedical Image Analysis;

Topic 28-Artificial Intelligence;


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